Ceci Mazzarella has a mild obsession with words and pictures. With several years’ experience in TV and Film, she is currently freelancing as a Reader and Researcher for multiple independent production companies and producers, reporting on both books and screenplays. When she’s not reading, editing or analysing other people’s work, she’s busy writing her own.

She co-wrote/co-produced new musical The People’s Rock which debuted at Vault Festival 2018 to sell-out shows and international press attention. Her writing is most often described as ‘strange’. She’s working to pinpoint what that means.

Her first love is fiction and she’s written several novels, most of which sit on the literary side of genre fiction, combining unease, pathos and humour. Her influences range across fiction, film, TV, graphic novels, animation and music. Her favourite writers include Ruth Ozeki, Pedro Almodóvar, Virginia Woolf, Taika Waititi, Tom Waits and Yōko Ogawa.